Organogram template

In order to set up the structural hierarchy of an organisation, the organogram template or the organogram chart can play a pivotal role. It actually makes the structuring planning of an organisation a lot more easy and convenient. The productivity of an organisation is directly related to how well your organisation is structure. It depends on how well the job roles are defined and what balance have you put in each department or division of an organisation. An unbalanced or a badly structured organisation can result in mismanagement and/or loss in organisation’s profits and shares.

The need is to define the job roles and division of the employees in a much organised way in order to maximise profits. The corporate world of today has progressed in leaps and bounds in terms of the technology that we can infer in setting up a business. One such innovative addition to the business setup technology is the oganogram template which basically depicts the organisation’s structure in a pictorial documentation form. There are many types of organogram templates which we can easily access through the Microsoft Office suite. Some different types of organogram template are discussed as under:

Simple Organogram Template – This is the most simplified version of an organogram template which is mostly suitable for small scale organisations. The simple organogram template is so easy to use that even a newbie can easily implement this into his organisation.

Horizontal Organogram Template – The horizontal organogram template basically gives the setup or layout of an organisation in a horizontal manner. This template in MS PowerPoint can be customised as per the organisation’s requirement.

Visual Organogram Template – This innovative and useful organogram template gives a visual descriptive chart of the organisation that you wish to design. This pictorial or visual organogram template can be tailor made as per your requirements or as per the structure of your organisation.

Photos Organogram Template – This is a very stylish organogram template where the employees of the organisation in the template are shown with their photo. This gives a great feeling to the viewer who actually thinks that he is meeting the actual person.

Top Down Structure Organogram Template – The top down structure organogram template depicts the organisation structure in a much convenient way. This structure also allows to setup the management structure in a vertical manner.

Tree Structure Organogram Template – This is a very professional yet easy to use organisational structure template where the employee’s designation is detailed in a tree kind of a structure. This template is more suitable for those organisations which have several projects managed by an equal number of project managers. Then under the project manager, a number of staff members can be listed with different job roles and designations.

Organisation Chart Organogram Template – This is a very easy to use and simplified template where you can enlist the organisation employee’s designations up to level 5 giving a pictorial representation. This gives a basic structure of an organisation and is suitable for small scale organisations.